Turkish Mechanical Engineering

The ingredients for Turkish mechanical engineering’s success include its effective integration with the global market and a focus on exports. Turkey’s ability to respond instantly to global economic changes, quick adaptation to shifting logistical requirements, industry-wide sustainable development, adequate safety precautions, and the development of high-tech software are all factors that support increased exports and confidence in the machine building sector.


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Turkish Machinery is the backbone of the machine building industry’s rise and quick expansion. Over the course of its twenty-year history, the organization has brought together over 18,000 exporters of machinery and equipment. The company attends international fairs and expositions, promotes engineering products, and fosters business collaboration in addition to promoting brands and products outside of Turkey.

Turkish manufacturers are flexible and genuinely care about their customers. They guarantee high quality at competitive prices for all parts and components.

Russia is one of the major importers of machine tools and is familiar with the high quality of Turkish goods. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, imports of equipment from Turkey to Russia increased by 36 % in 2021, reaching USD 813 million. Mining equipment (USD 87 million), machine tools (USD 65 million), and hoisting and conveying equipment (USD 87 million) were the three product categories with the highest exports to the Russian Federation.

Turkey is a very promising partner when it comes to supplying Russia with engineering products. Turkey topped the UN’s list of nations with the fastest increases in mechanical engineering production in 2021. A wide range of products helped the nation deal with the effects of the global financial crisis, and by the end of the year, production had increased by almost 30 %.

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Prospects for Russian-Turkish Relations in Mechanical Engineering

The growth of Russian-Turkish cooperation has been greatly influenced by the machine building industry. Turkey exports almost every kind of equipment today. It is one of the world leading manufacturers of equipment heavily investing in the Russian industry.

The geopolitical crisis and the disruption of the supply chains for industrial equipment have left Russia in need of equipment for numerous industrial sectors. Turkish engineering is able to satisfy Russia’s entire demand in equipment. Demand for Turkish equipment is expected to grow in the coming years.

Pumps and compressors, moulds-making machines, rolling and casting machines, mining equipment, as well as construction, lifting, and loading equipment, including forklifts, are among the equipment types with the highest potential for growth in demand, according to experts. The current leader in exports to Russia is the hoister machinery sector.

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Turkish-made machinery is already widely used in Russia’s mining regions. Extraction and processing of minerals, including iron ore and diamonds, development of new deposits, and the production of nickel, steel, and aluminum all require extensive production, technical, and maintenance capabilities. Turkish manufacturers deliver prompt and excellent after-sales service and original spare parts. Geographic proximity makes this partnership even more profitable and practical.

Mining equipment is becoming increasingly necessary as industrial development quickens. If exports to Russia continue at their current rate in 2023, Turkey could rank among the top five suppliers of engineering goods to Russia.

Russian manufacturers are really enthusiastic about cooperating with Turkish businesses. The need to develop domestic industry, retrofit plants and factories in industrial hubs like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bryansk, Yekaterinburg, and Nizhny Novgorod also contributes to export growth and closer ties between our nations.

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