Technical Translation Services

Technical Translation is one of the top-priority areas for Prima Vista. Qualified professionals with specialized technical education will be happy to implement projects in any field. We know no forbidden areas or impossible volumes. Technical translation requires diligence, responsibility, and thorough knowledge of the subject matter. All these qualities are a must for our translators.


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Tatiana Kozlova

Our translators are the best!

An entire team, which includes an experienced and qualified translator, proofreader and a technical editor, works on every order. This ensures the utmost quality of translations.

Technical Interpreting

The omnipresent intensification of integration processes affects all spheres of our lives. As a condition necessary for success and promotion of products and services to foreign markets, many companies need to hold business negotiations, which require technical interpreting services.

A general interpreter without a technical background will not be able to meet the challenge. And to think that a single mistake can distort the meaning and thus nullify the results of the entire event!

In other words, a technical interpreter must have additional technical education in the relevant area. We have such qualified Russian to English (and vice versa) interpreters in our company. Exhibitions, conferences, business meetings, commissioning, overseas business trips — whatever the occasion, we will provide high-quality simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.

Areas of Expertise



    Economics and finance


    Marketing and advertising


    Telecommunications and mobile communications


    Computer technology


    Power industry




    Transport and aviation


    Mining industry

Technical Translation

With the advent of the Internet, the volumes of various technical documentation have grown enormously, thus becoming available not only to narrow specialists, but also to the mass consumer. However, such material often needs to be translated into Russian. The specific features of technical translations include widespread use of terms, acronyms and phrases which cannot be translated word-for-word because in such case, the text would be deprived of meaning. It is clear that in addition to being a native speaker of the target language, technical translators should also have the appropriate technical education, otherwise the translation of an article, technical documentation or user guide will swarm with mistakes and absurdity.

Prima Vista Translation Agency offers services of experienced professionals who know no impossible missions.

Types of Translation



    Technical documentation


    User guides


    Reference books and dictionaries


    Drawings and diagrams


    Regulatory documents and industry standards


    Scientific and technical books, articles


    Technical product catalogue

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Prices and rates: translating and interpreting from Russian and English

Being a part of a highly competitive and growing market for more than 15 years we have learned to efficiently balance between high quality of the provided services and reasonable pricing. Flexible rates system and extensive pool of translators allow us to offer fine and tailored solutions for each corporate customer.

The rates for the most demanded language pair is English<>Russian range from 0.035 to 0.08 euro per word.

Translation from English to Russian Translation from Russian to English Interpretation English - Russian
0.035-0.08 euro per word 0.04-0.10 euro per word from 30 euro per hour*

* for locations inside Russia.

The full list of the serviced languages and rates is available upon request.


Additional services

We love to work with different types of business - feel free to contact us!



    Such Prima Vista’s service as the transcription is transcribing audio or video recordings of various presentations and business events, converting them into convenient text format.


    Desktop Publishing

    DTP can be a very important element of our job since many translations may involve graphics and typesetting. We offer DTP services both for translations completed by us and by other translation agencies.



    Prima Vista has been doing localization for 10 years, including the localization of highly technical software applied within different industries.


    Proofreading & Editing

    Each translation is checked by a native speaker with knowledge of the translation subject area (technical, medical, IT, etc).


    Website Translation

    We use special knowledge and specific software to perfectly fit words of the target text into the source text borders, which is important for websites with fixed structure. Translate your website to Russian without changing its design!


    Multimedia Translation

    The multimedia have long matched and even exceeded the capabilities of the traditional media. Audio and video content distributed via the Internet is now perceived as the most natural way of getting information.


    Multilingual SEO-content

    Is there no more room for your company in the domestic market? Do you want to promote your brand, branded goods and services abroad?


    Business correspondence

    Cooperation with international partners, foreign companies' access to the domestic market have long become quite a commonplace.



    Do you want to be sure that the translated marketing text will have the same convincing power over the audience as the original text crafted by advertising professionals? Go for transcreation services!

Questions about technical translations


What are the technical translation areas your agency specializes in?


Prima Vista's translators render technical texts in all scientific fields, including the texts at the intersection of scientific disciplines. We translate various instructions, requirements specifications and other documentation.

What are your criteria for choosing a translator for an order?


We choose a technical translator on the basis of the specifics of the material to be translated. We trust an order only to the translator who is sufficiently experienced in the subject, or who has a field-specific education.

How to calculate technical translation cost?


The cost of your order depends on the amount of text. If you want to know the exact price, call our managers who will calculate the precise cost of technical translation according to the Prima Vista's rates.

Do you check technical translation before delivery to a customer?


Yes, certainly we do. All materials are subject to editing and proofreading. Prima Vista agency practices technical translation multilevel checking, which allows us to eliminate any factual, spelling and stylistic mistakes.

What dictionaries are used by your professionals when working with technical translation?


When translating complicated texts, our professionals use technical dictionaries compiled by competent advisors.

How much technical text can you take for translation?


Prima Vista's professional team can translate up to 10,000 pages of technical text per month within one order.