Certified translation of documents

If you leave your country to study or work abroad, you are to go through legalization of passport, diploma, marriage certificate and other documents. One of its main stages is a certified translation of documents. This service must be provided exclusively by skilled professionals who are extensively experienced in this filed. Because of this simple reason, we suggest you to contact Prima Vista, that can guarantee trouble-free services, high quality of all works performed.


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Pavel Ugarov
Project manager, translator

Our translators are the best!

Over the 15 years of our presence on the market we have earned a solid reputation of a company that values quality above all. We are certified with ISO 9001 and have numerous in-house quality tracking procedures which let our translations be second to none in terms of precision and quality.

Procedure of the certified translation of documents

To provide the service in Moscow and other Russian cities, we attract qualified translators, who are well aware of its specifics, legal requirements to translatable documents. The procedure is performed in several stages:

  1. examination of the documents submitted, calculation of the services cost and due dates;
  2. translation of documents into required language;
  3. careful check of the documents by an experienced editor to completely eliminate even the slightest mistakes and misprints;
  4. layout designing of the translated documents;
  5. certification of the documents by a notary public in full compliance with legal requirements;
  6. delivery or transfer of the documents to the client.

The documents our Company translates

You may contact Prima Vista if you need certified translations of the following documents:



    domestic passport, military service record card, driver's license, pension certificate;


    documents issued by civil registry offices – certificates of birth and death, marriage and divorce, other documents;


    attestation documents, diplomas and certificates of secondary and higher education;


    parental consent for their child leaving abroad;


    lawsuits, decrees, complaints, resolutions and other documents issued by courts;


    business documents – goods supply agreements, contracts, etc.

Subject areas

We love to work with different types of bussiness - feel free to contact us!

Main requirements to the translation of certifiable documents

Our translators can guarantee high quality of any works performed, as well as documents compliance with the following requirements:

  • no pencil inscriptions;
  • no misprints, erasures, mistakes;
  • mandatory pagination as well as affixing of a special seal to exclude possible forgery;
  • full date, as well as full name of the organizations which drew up the documents.

Compliance with all the said conditions is necessary for notarial certification and legalization of your documents, so we closely monitor our translator's work and make sure that the information is translated completely and identically to the original.

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Prices and rates: translating and interpreting from Russian and English

Being a part of a highly competitive and growing market for more than 15 years we have learned to efficiently balance between high quality of the provided services and reasonable pricing. Flexible rates system and extensive pool of translators allow us to offer fine and tailored solutions for each corporate customer.

The rates for the most demanded language pair is English<>Russian range from 0.035 to 0.08 euro per word.

Translation from English to Russian Translation from Russian to English Interpretation English - Russian
0.035-0.08 euro per word 0.04-0.10 euro per word from 30 euro per hour*

* for locations inside Russia.

The full list of the serviced languages and rates is available upon request.


Questions about certified translation of documents


Is the confidential information contained in my documents kept secure?


Of course, it is! Prima Vista features professionalism in terms of ethics as well, that is why when contacting us you can be absolutely sure of your data security.

Do you translate only official legal documents?


No, not only legal ones. Technical, medical, marketing, and many other types of documents need to be translated as well — Prima Vista can provide all this. Our expertise can be conditionally divided into two major groups: legal and technical, each of which includes its own additional categories.

Give examples of specific documents translated by Prima Vista.


Here are the official documents translated by us including but not limited to: - annual reports; - bank statements; - accounting reports; - statements of claim and case papers; - insurance certificates; - marketing materials; - other official documents.

What are the main specifics of this type of translation?


When translating official documents it is very important to follow general style and specific vocabulary as well as to use a unified transliteration of titles, names and last names, and to indicate correct dates and numbers. All this requires high accuracy and wide practical experience which can be provided by professionals only.

My documents contain names or titles in different transliterations. Which of them is true, which one will you use?


As a rule, we use name and surname as transliterated in international passport. However, we always discuss these issues with customers and arrive at an optimal decision.