Business Correspondence Translation Services

Cooperation with international partners, foreign companies' access to the domestic market have long become quite a commonplace. That is why such service as the business correspondence translation is rapidly growing in demand. In our Company, the experienced and qualified translators, who know all the ins and outs of this activity and can ensure excellent results, provide this service.


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Andrey Balayev
General Manager

Our translators are the best!

Over the 15 years of our presence on the market we have earned a solid reputation of a company that values quality above all. We are certified with ISO 9001 and have numerous in-house quality tracking procedures which let our translations be second to none in terms of precision and quality.

Main specifics of the business correspondence translation

Prima Vista has been providing the business correspondence translation from Russian into English and into other languages in Moscow for many years, and by all means takes into account such nuances as:

  • strict confidentiality. Very often the business correspondence includes the information that should not be disclosed to third parties. That is why translator's good faith is of great importance;
  • competent rendering of technical terms taking into account target language specifics;
  • need to take into account personal relations between the business correspondence originator and addressee;
  • need to interpret a letter according to the target language country cultural and historical specifics.

The most important requirement is that the letter text should not be distorted in any way. Otherwise, it can result in many unpleasant consequences for a customer up to the break of business relations or loss of an important client.

Subject areas

We love to work with different types of bussiness - feel free to contact us!

Advantages of business correspondence translation in Prima Vista

Cooperating with Prima Vista in the business correspondence translation you shall enjoy a number of advantages:

  • an opportunity to order our services both in Moscow and in any city of Russia, using either a special form on our website, or contact details;
  • an opportunity to translate a business letter from Russian into English as well as into one of 120 languages our professionals work with;
  • full preservation of the letter writing style. When translating we just adapt it to the specific features of one country or another;
  • individual approach to each client that allows us to achieve our objectives;
  • maintaining confidentiality as well as professional ethics, up-to-date standards of business correspondence;
  • affordable price of services as well as a wide range of payment methods to deliver you highest possible convenience.

The due dates of your order are determined after looking through it. But taking into account the Company's professional and highly qualified employees, we can assure you that translation of any complexity is executed as fast as possible.

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Prices and rates: translating and interpreting from Russian and English

Being a part of a highly competitive and growing market for more than 15 years we have learned to efficiently balance between high quality of the provided services and reasonable pricing. Flexible rates system and extensive pool of translators allow us to offer fine and tailored solutions for each corporate customer.

The rates for the most demanded language pair is English<>Russian range from 0.035 to 0.08 euro per word.

Translation from English to Russian Translation from Russian to English Interpretation English - Russian
0.035-0.08 euro per word 0.04-0.10 euro per word from 30 euro per hour*

* for locations inside Russia.

The full list of the serviced languages and rates is available upon request.


Questions about business correspondence translation services


Is the confidential information contained in my documents kept secure?


Of course, it is! Prima Vista features professionalism in terms of ethics as well, that is why when contacting us you can be absolutely sure of your data security.

Are your translators really proficient in abbreviations and clichés used in financial vocabulary?


Of course it is difficult to remember a huge number of specific designations, financial terms in documents, not to mention the fact that they can change rapidly adapting to the dynamics of modern life. However, it is not a problem for professionals. Prima Vista's translators are well aware of all the sector-specific vocabulary and constantly cooperate with native speakers staying current with all innovations.

Do you use translation programs to translate economic terminology?


Prima Vista does not use the so-called "machine-assisted translation" which quality leaves much to be desired. To ensure perfect translation of your financial and economic text, the agency involves a professional who specializes in a specific subject.

Is it enough to use bilingual legal dictionaries to translate documents?


Many legal expressions do not have direct equivalents in the target language, so a dictionary does not guarantee high-quality translation. Besides, dictionaries do not take into account sectoral specifics of legal texts, and a translator needs to understand the subject on his/her own to choose a right language pattern.

Should a translator follow the strict rules of paperwork?


Correct translation is only a half of the job, since after translation documents should be drawn up in accordance with the generally accepted rules and requirements. If documents translated for consulates, embassies, apostilles, passport, diploma are drawn up incorrectly, they will be null.

Do you translate only official legal documents?


No, not only legal ones. Technical, medical, marketing, and many other types of documents need to be translated as well — Prima Vista can provide all this. Our expertise can be conditionally divided into two major groups: legal and technical, each of which includes its own additional categories.